Schenk Productions, Inc. is a New York based, full-service film production company.

We offer a broad range of services including the developing and production of independent feature films, documentaries, television productions and commercials. Our New York City base allows us to specialize in overseeing New York location shoots for local and out-of-town productions, but we also cover productions in any other part of the United States.

Schenk Productions Services

• script breakdown/scheduling/budgeting
• arranging casting
• location scouting
• obtaining all necessary permits
• hiring crews
• union negotiations
• insurance packages
• equipment rentals

• post-production services
• accounting/legal services
• crew/cast payroll
• travel/ accommodations
• customs/immigration service
• stock footage research / music rights
• research for documentaries
• product clearances

Schenk Productions Scouting Services

Schenk Productions, Inc. has extensive experience and knowledge on finding and obtaining the perfect locations for your film project. Whether in the heart of New York City or across the United States, we find what works best for your project.

Sample Schenk Productions Locations & Sets:

Schenk Productions Credits

Executive Producer / Producer / Co-Producer

Razing Liberty Square by Katja Esson, documentary 2023
A Bit of Light by Stephen Moiers, feature film 2022
Mickey and the Bear by Annabell Atanasio, feature film 2019
Unintended by Anja Murmann, feature film, 2018
Mistress by Anja Murmann, short film, 2014
Poetry of Resilience by Katja Esson, documentary, Penelope Pictures, 2011 (, Poetry of Resilience FaceBook Page)
Best Documentary Shorts Award at the Woodstock Film Festival
Nominated for the Cinema for Peace Award in 2012
Screened at the Miani FIlm Festival 2012
Skydancer by Katja Esson, documentary, Penelope Pictures,, Schenk Productions, Inc., 2010 (Skydancer site, Skydancer FaceBook Page)
Festivals: Brooklyn Film Festival, 2011
Ferry Tales by Katja Esson, documentary. Nominated for Academy Award ® in 2004/documentary shorts category. Distribution: HBO. Festivals: Florida Film Festival, Woodstock Film Festival, InFact/ IDA screening (
Vertical Traveler by Katja Esson, documentary, Distribution: Metro Channel, ARTE, 2000
Sister Hero, music video 1999

Line Producer/ Production Manager/ Production Supervisor

Tokyo Vice by director/ executive producer Alan Poul, 1st episode of the 2nd season, US Unit, Fifth Season, 2023
In Freedom Yours, Bill Baird by Rebecca Cammisa, documentary, US Unit, Terra Mater, 2023
The Pod Generation by Sophie Barthes, NY Unit, feature film, YZE France, 2022
Tokyo Vice by director/ executive producer Alan Poul, NY Unit, TV Series, Endeavor Content, 2021
Funeral for a Dog by David Dietl, NY Unit, Flare Entertainment GmbH, 2021
RABIYE by Andreas Dresen, Washington, DC Unit, Pandora Film Production GmbH, 2021
Unorthodox by Maria Schrader, NY Unit, Real Film, 2019 – Awarded Emmy for Mari Schrader for Outstanding Directing For a Limited Series, Movie or Dramatic Special – 2020
Lieber Thomas (Dear Thomas) by Andreas Kleinert, tv movie, NY Unit, Zeitsprung Pictures, 2019
How To with John Wilson, Pilot, HBO, 2019
Shades of Guilt by Nils Willbrandt, tv series, NY Unit, Moovie GmbH, 2018
I’ve Never been to New York (Ich war niemals in New York) by Philipp Stoelzl, feature film, NY Unit, UFA Fiction Productions GmbH, 2018
Dragon Slayer 666 by Aleksi Delikouras, feature film, NY Unit, Dionysos Films, 2018
Peanuts – Juergen Schneider by Christian Schneider & Benjamin Quabeck, documentary, Miami Unit, Saxonia Entertainment GmbH, 2018
Tanzwelten – Swing Dance by Lisa Marie Schnell, documentary, NY Unit, DM Film tv Production GmbH, 2018
The Rhythm Section by Reed Morano, NY unit, feature film, TRS Productions DAC, 2018
Forget about Nick by Margarethe von Trotta, New York unit, feature film, Heimatfilm, 201
Jungle Tribe by Niklaus Hilber, NY unit, feature film, A Film Company GmbH, 2017
Ibiza by Alex Richanbach, NY unit, feature film, DJ Love Productions/Netflix, 2017
One Night at the Apollo by Chris Hanselmann, NY unit, documentary, John Allen AG, 2017
Prophet of a different America by Hannes Rossacher, US unit, documentary, Kobalt Films, 2017
The History of Migration by Christian Twente, US unit, Gruppe 5 Filmproduktion, 2017
IWC Carousel commercial shoot, NY unit, Markenfilm, 2017
Playing God by Karin Jurschick, US unit, documentary, Bildersturm, 2017
The Odd Couple by Margarethe von Trotta, NY unit, feature film, Heimatfilm, 2017
Return to Montauk by Volker Schloendorff, NY unit, feature film, Ziegler Film, 2016
An unheard Woman by Hans Steinbichler, NY unit, feature film, Lailaps Pictures, 2015
A Cure for Wellness by Gore Verbinsky, 2nd unit NY unit, feature film, New Regency, 2015
Travels with Charley by Hannes Rossacher & Catharina Kleber, documentary feature, Kobalt Films, shot in New York, DC, Atlanta, Arizona, Las Vegas, California, 2015
American Rivers by Katja Esson, 5-part documentary series, rbb-ARTE, shot in Detroit, Chicago, LA, Colorado, 2015
Letters from Baghdad by Sabine Krayenbuehl & Zeva Oelbaum, documentary,
studio shoot unit, 2015
Antonio, ihm schmeckt’s nicht by Sven Unterwaldt, NY unit, feature film, Bavaria Pictures,
Fox International, 2015
Bankrupt by Urs Egger, NY unit, feature film, Bavaria tv Production, 2015
Falke Campaign by Martin Kunz, NY unit, internet commercial, Falke, 2015
Die abhandene Welt by Margarethe von Trotta, NY unit for feature film, Clasart Films, 2014
Shooting in the Dark by Frank Amann, US unit for documentary, Weltfilm, 2014
Hologram for a King by Tom Tykwer, US 2nd unit for feature film, X-Filme 2014
Falke Campaign by Elliott Erwitt (photo) & Josef Rusnak (video),
NY unit – te neues/ Falke, 2014
Should Exodus by Klez Kanada Film Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság, NY unit for documentary, 2014
Little Yellow Boots by John Webster, US unit for documentary,
Millennium Films/ Finland, 2014
Billy Holliday by Katja Dueregger, US unit for documentary, Tag Traum Films, 2014
The History & Furture of War by Karin Jurschik, US documentary unit, Bildersturm Films, 2014
Me & Kaminski by Wolfgang Becker, NY shoot for feature film, X-Filme Creative Pool, 2013
Swiss RE by Viviane Kiebisch, corporate documentary, Markenfilm Swiss, 2013
Draeger – Markenfilm, US shoot for corporate video, 2013
Montauk by Vinz Feller, short film, 2013
Qualunque Cosa Succeda (Whatever Happens) by Alberto Negrin, NY shoot for feature film, 11 Marzo Films & Atlantic Pictures, 2013
Under the Starry Sky by Dyana Gaye, NY shoot for feature film,Andolfi/ Atlantic Pictures, 2013
Backroads by Katja Esson, 5-episode tv series, shot in US, Maha Films, 2011 / 2012
Audition by Matt Herron, feature film, 2012
Amour & Turbulence by Alexandre Castagnetti, NY shoot for feature film, Reverence Films & Atlantic Pictures, 2012
Wendy’s finding Bigfoot by Stevn Peters, NY promo shoot, Big Machines 2012
Bird People by Pascale Ferran, NY shoot for feature film,
Archipel 35 / Atlantic Pictures, 2012
AMC – Mob Week- an Introduction by Anthony Bourdain by Ken Carlson, NY Promo shoot, Big Machine, 2012
Zzzz by Tarik Karam – short film, 2012
People Kiss (Des Gens Qui’ S Embrassent) by Daniele Thompson, NY shoot for feature, PATHÉ Films & Atlantic Pictures, 2012
Madea Witness Protection by Tyler Perry, NY shoot for feature film, 2012
The Longest Week by Peter Glanz, NY re-shoot for feature film, Atlantic Pictures, 2012
Overgames by Lutz Dammbeck, documentary, US shoot, 2012
Naturopolis by Bernard Guerrini, documentary, NY shoot, DocSide Films, 2012
Post Production Consulatant for W.E., by Madonna – Post Production Consultant, 2011
Hannah Arendt by Margarethe von Trotta, NY unit, feature film, Heimatfilm, 2011
Intellectual Property Theft PSA, by Christopher Ernst, MTV/ Viacom, 2011
Jack Karouac, by Hannes Rossacher, Documentary Road Movie, US shoot, Kobalt Film Productions, 2011
AMC Mob Week – an Introduction by Rudi Guiliani, by Ken Carlson, NY unit, tv spot for AMC, Big Machines, 2011
Ten Commandments by Friedel Kluetsch, documentary, NY unit, IFAGE Film Production, ARTE, 2011
Cinnamon Burst Cheerios internet commercial by Geoffry O’ Connor and Richard Linnet, Saatchi & Saatchi, 2011
Il Giorno in Piu by Massimo Venier, NY unit, feature film, Il Giorno Productions, Inc. & IBC Movie s.r.l., 2010
Faces – Brooklyn by Katja Esson, documentary, Maha Films, Arte, 2010
Remembrance by Anna Justice, NY unit, feature film, Media Park, 2010
Bertelsmann by Philip Kadelbach, NY unit, corporate video, Teamworx, 2010
Swiss Chronometric by Vinz Feller, NY unit, corporate video, Twin Productions, 2010
Stanfour – Life Without You music video Producer: Mark Entzelmann QFilmproduktion Hamburg – Line Producer: Arndt Podtevin – NY Line Producer: Sabine Schenk, 2010
Credit Suisse by Markus Schmidt, NY unit, corporate video, Unitedsenses GmbH, 2009
The Look Charlotte Rampling – by Angelina Maccarone, NY unit, documentary, Tag Traum GmbH, 2009
Jerry Cotton by Philip Stennert & Cyrill Bose, NY unit for feature film, Rat Pack Filmproduktion, 2009
Safia by Souad Kouninef, Commercial for Algerian TV, 2009
Behind the Scene – “Gossip Girls” by Sebastian Cramer, for Pro7, German TV, 2009
R.I.P. by Andrea Morgenthaler, US unit, documentary, Dor Film GmBh, 2009
Red Bull by Peter Clausen, commercial shoot in LA, Peter Clausen Filmprodiktion, 2009
Fred Morton by Andrea Eckert, documentary, NY unit, Fischer Films, 2009
Kidnapped (Entfuehrt) – NY unit, by Matti Geschonneck, 2-part tv movie, Networkmovie Filmproduktion/ ZDF, 2008
Spot for “Regis & Kelly” directed by Steve Peterson, NY unit, Big Machines/ABC, 2008
Desert Flower by Sherry Hormann, NY unit, feature film, Desert Flower Filmproduction, 2008
Siemens Internet Spot by Roman Kuhn, internet image film, Producer: Crossing Pictures, 2008
We Are New York tv episodes for NY local tv, CUNY TV, 2008, awards: New York Emmy Award 2010 for best cinematography & writing
The Reader by Stephen Daldry, NY unit, feature film, Weinstein Co & Babelsberg Film GmbH, 2008
Siemens Internet Spot by Roman Kuhn, internet image film, Producer: Crossing Pictures, 2007
Contact High by Michael Glawogger, feature film, Producer: Lotus Film Vienna, Boje Buck Berlin, shot on location in Vienna & Poland, 2007
Lord Weidenfeld by Stephan Reichenberger, NY Unit, documentary, Producer: Polyphone, 2007
Kill Daddy Good Night (Das Vaterspiel) – NY unit, by Michael Glawogger, feature film, Producer: Tat Film Cologne, 2007
W32nd by Michel Kang, feature film, Producer: Teddy Zee, Executive Producer: Jamin O’Brien, 2006
Hole in the Sky by Katja Esson, documentary, Maja-de Film for ARD German tv, 2006
New York Harbor by Katja Esson, documentary, Maja-de Film for ARTE, 2006
Alma by Susanne Freund, documentary, Dor Film, 2006
Menachem and Fred by Ronit Keratin & Ofra Tevet, documentary, US unit, German-Israeli co-production, 2006
Forever by Markus Imboden, tv-movie, NY unit, d.i.e. Film GmbH, 2005
DHA-Immigration by Ciro Capilari, documentary, NY unit, Cine Plus Film Filmproduktion, 2005
Floridaträume by Dieter Kehler, tv-movie, consultant for shoot in Florida, UFA Fernsehproduktion
Design Signs by Carline Haertel, documentary, NY unit, Cine Plus Filmproduktion, 2005
Paparazzo by Stephan Wagner, tv-movie, NY unit, Müller&Seelig Filmproduktion, 2004
Abdullah Ibrahim by Ciro Capillari (Award: Grimme Preis), documentary, NY unit, Cine Plus Filmproduktion, 2004
Nena, music video, 2003
Parenting Magazine, in-house commercial for Ad-Agency:, 2003
Rossenstrasse by Margarethe v. Trotta, feature film, NY unit, Studio Hamburg, 2002
Love & Passion, part II by Marco Serafini, tv-movie, NY unit, Lisa Films, 2002
The Net by Lutz Dammbeck, documentary, 2002
The Nomi Songby Andy Horn, documentary, Cameo Films, 2001
Love & Passion, part I by Marco Serafini, NY unit, Lisa Films, 2001
Nancy & Frank by Wolf Gremm, feature film, NY unit, Ziegler Film, 2000
Sturmzeit by Bernd Böhlich, tv-movie, NY unit, Ziegler Film, 1999
Linde, industrial, Fine Arts, 1999
German Allstars, documentary, NY unit, WDR/M.S.Showtime, 1999
The Guys Guide To Marrying Money by Emily Baer, feature film, 1998
Victor Manuelle, music video, FilmArts Mexico, 1998
Siemens, industrial, Fine Arts, 1998
Besotten by Holly Hardman, feature film, Surf ‘N Turf Films, Inc., 1998
Latin Boys Go To Hell by Ela Troyano, feature film, Jürgen Brüning Films, distribution: Strand Releasing, 1996

Production Manager

Jahrestage by Margareth von Trotta, tv-movie, NY unit, Eikon Films, 1999/2000
Time for Two by Anno Saul, tv-movie, NY unit, Trebitsch Film, 1997

Post Production Supervisor

The Wall in the Mind by Hugo Cassierer, 1997


Think Tank by James Carman, short film, 1993
3000 Years Gravity by James Carman, short film, 1991

Film Festivals/Markets

Special Event Coordinator at the Berlin Int’l Film Festival


New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, M.A. in Cinema Studies 1994
Free University Berlin, Bachelor in Communications, History 1992
Schenk Productions Bio

Sabine Schenk is a New York based producer and line producer with a M.A. in cinema studies from NYU.  She has utilised her international education and experience in film to offer production services for local and international film projects through her own company Schenk Productions, Inc., which she founded in 1998. In addition, Sabine and Director/Producer Anja Murmann launched a creative international film production company named Shorelight Pictures in 2014.

Sabine is often noted for her work co-producing the documentary Ferry Tales by Katja Esson, which was nominated for an Academy Award in 2004, and in 2008 line-producing the New York unit of the Oscar Nominated film, The Reader, directed by Stephen Daldry. She is also notably credited for many other important and successful projects, such as producing Anja Murmann’s Unintended which premiered at the Woodstock Film Festival in 2018 and co-producing the award-winning feature Mickey and the Bear directed by Annabelle Attanasio which premiered SXSW 2019 and at Cannes Acid. In 2019 Sabine line produced the New York unit for the Emmy award winning Netflix series Unorthodox, by the director Maria Schrader.

After line producing and co-producing a number of Katja Esson’s documentaries, Sabine is currently executive producing Esson’s feature length documentary, Razing Liberty Square, in association with Shorelight Pictures. She is also an executive producer on Stephen Moier’s new movie A Bit of Light starring Anna Paquin. Recently Sabine was line produced the Washington, DC unit for “Rabiye Kurnaz gegen George W. Bush” by Andreas Dresen which premiers at the 2022 Berlin Int’l Film Festival.

Her career never slows as she is currently in development of multiple feature films.

feature films/ tv movies:


commercials / image films

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